After searching the internet for months to find craft fairs in the St. Louis area with little success,

I finally decided back in 2010 to start my own website.  I've been a vendor at fairs in the area for years, but always found it frustrating trying to

find any consistent information on shows.  (Um. Let me rephrase that.  It was hard to find FREE info.)  ​I found it particularly difficult to find how

to register to be a vendor.  By the time I found out about a show, registration deadlines had passed and/or spaces were full.

I thought, "Why isn't there one place I can go to find out all this info?"  So I did it myself.  Me.  All by myself.  Like I'm a responsible,

take-charge adult or something.  Here are the results.  I hope you find it useful.

This website should be considered a public service and is for informational purposes only.  I am in no way endorsing any particular craft show,

vendor (except myself,) organization, religion, cause, charity or venue.  All inquiries about the events listed should be directed

to the event organizers, NOT TO ME.  I have supplied web pages, links, contact names, address and phone numbers wherever possible.

All info is subject to change without notice.  Please check posted websites directly for full event information.  Thank you.

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Farmers' Markets

Currently being updated for 2020 (as of 01/22/2020.)

If you see a show listed without a date, I'm still trying to confirm the date for 2020.  Please check back again soon.

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